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Play a game requirements.

Play a game requirements.
Once you are on our website you will come across a gift box on the left hand side under sharing buttons.
Click on the gift box, "Play a game" page pops up. Enter your email to join and click on "Play game" to win a discount of up to 30% on our website.
Terms and conditions apply.
  • You should be already a member to play this game.
  • 1 game per member.
  • Discount code valid for 1440 minutes/1 day.
  • Go to catalog, select a product you want to buy, view in cart, go to checkout and apply the discount you have won!
                         It's that simple. 
  • Prize names are as follows : Only2, Lucky 7, Fire10, Discount queen, 17Acres and JACKPOTHUNTER
Every jackpot prize have minimum spend value. Check out minimum spend requirements below.

Only2 minimum spend value $15 and above.
Lucky 7 minimum spend value $35 and above.
Fire10 minimum spend value $51 and above.
Discount queen minimum spend value $65 and above.
17Acres minimum spend value $151 and above.
JACKPOTHUNTER minimum spend value $500.

If still you are not able to use these discounts no need to worry, because we got you covered.
Visit our discount page and find more discounts to use across our website. go to the link below to find out.