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Cagetech Donation Box

Cagetech Donation Box

You have now ability to donate a sum to help local community services, Environmental causes, homeless persons or anything which can help our community to be safe in anyway.

The donated balance in the "Donation box" can be donated anywhere where it is more than required it could be animal protection, rescue someone or any major issue which needs immediate attention.

So be a part of this donation box and help support the helpless.

You can donate any amount depending upon your pocket, no compulsions. it can be any value you like.

Part of charity going to:

We will donate part of the charities to Queanbeyan Hospital which will

help them buy new equipment, build more infrastructure. It will end up providing better medical services to the local people and communities.


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Note for Users:


Dear users,
Welcome to Cagetech donation box. It's all about helping humanitarian causes.


If you would like to have your own donation box and to collect donations for a positive cause. You can get in touch with us by filling up the form below. Fill in all the required field and we will get in touch with you in next 24-48 hours. Terms and conditions apply.

There is a $5 processing fees for this application form to get it up and running. 

We do not charge any extra fee to collect the donations on your behalf. 100% amount collected will be deposited to your nominated bank account.
If you would like to have your own Individual Donation box please visit the link below and fill out all the required details: