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Business and user guidelines.

Dear users

The content provided on the website solely belongs to :


The content provided is for information purposes only. Anyone misusing our data or property will be banned from our website.

It a safe place for our reputed Businesses and Loyal customers and we respect their security and privacy.

 Please read - User and Business guidelines below.

For Customers:

1) All customers are welcome to sign up with us absolutely free.

2) You can have lots of benefits from our website like :

(Buying camera and photographic equipment, Advertising, commenting and sharing, Building a conversation in our comment box, Search for local businesses on our People and Business page, Be a part of cagetech donation box or collect donations for your loved ones)

3) You can buy from our website with complete piece of mind, as we are backed by leading ecommerce platform which helps us provide you with 99.99% downtime and 24/7 monitoring.

4) We are secured by Paypal and are certified with PCI DSS compliant, which is highest level of security certification provided by the banks.

5) If you are looking forward for any type of services like cleaning, plumbing and more......

Why not try our People and Business page and search for type of service in the search box, our listed businesses will be more than help you out with your needs.

You can also find 2 of their highest selling product on their particular business portfolio if you would like to buy them go ahead with complete peace of mind.

No need to pay them just pay us on our website with our secured payments gateways and enjoy the service.

6) If you are opting for any product from any particular business portfolio page you have to follow "Terms and conditions" of a particular business as well ours.

7) We do not guarantee any product or services provided by Business portfolios, it is completely up to your discretion, but we will certainly help you with your complaints and issues with businesses related queries.

8) Once you purchase the product from a particular business portfolio page we do not release half  the amount to business for next 7 days till the time you confirm us you are happy with products and services.

If you are happy with the service or not.

Please respond us through this form below so we can make or recover the payments to or from our Business portfolio owners. It will help both Local consumers and Local Business to build up a good relationship among each other.

 Customer feedback form for business portfolios.

Please follow the link to leave a feedback in order for us to release businesses payment If you do not leave the feedback business will automatically get half of their money to ther account.  Thanks.

9) If you have bought any product or service from any particular business portfolio page and have any complaint or issues, please fill up the form below and so we can resolve it with the business and get back to you as soon as possible with the resolution.


10) You can claim for 100% refund if you are not happy with any service or product provided by our listed Business Portfolio minus shipping.

11) You have 7 days from the date of purchase to apply for a full refund for the products and services purchased from our listed business portfolio. Once you are out of 7 day period the product and services bought will not considered refundable.

12) If you have bought any Camera or Photographic product from our catalog page, we offer 15 days money back guarantee without questions asked.

13) For products bought on our catalog page, if you have any issues please follow the link below to get a response. Our standard response time is 24-48 hours, but we will certainly respond.

Contact us for catalog products :

14) If you would like to file a dispute with the business for their product and services purchased with in 7 days, we would recommend you to go to business portfolio page and file a dispute directly with seller first  and wait for the resolution. If a business is not ready to resolve it, you can always visit the link below and can directly file a dispute with us, we will give our 100% to resolve your issues with the business.

To file a dispute with us visit below:

15) If you would like to contact the business directly and would like to opt for their services or product and pay them directly and not through our website you can certainly do so.

16) For now login and enjoy the experience.

 For Business

Businesses have now opportunity to list and get their own business portfolio. It not only help people connect with business but it also give opportunity for customers to link directly with the business. Customers can buy your 2 top selling product if listed on your business portfolio and can pay directly to us on our secured payment gateways.(Secured by PayPal, Varinode and leading giant "Shopify".

1) Business must be registered with ASIC 

Australian Securities and Investments commission.

2) Business must register with us in order to take full benefit of a individual Business portfolio and to connect with local consumers.

To register visit our "Connect yourselves" page.

3) Business can link directly to local consumers from their individual portfolio page through their own "Customer inquiry form" under their own email address.

Not only that 

They will also have the ability to conversate and connect directly with customers in their own comment box.

4) Business can add 2 of their high selling products absolutely free this gives your customers ability to buy your product at the same time when they are on your portfolio.

5) Business can directly resolve customers complaint if a customer files dispute on their portfolio or customers can file a dispute with us in order to reach to a resolution between both the parties.

6) There is no fees charged for a business to list 2 of their high selling product its absolutely free, we only charge a final value fees of 2.5% once your product is sold, delivered and when customers notifies us or not if they are happy with product or service.

7) Business will be paid half of the amount the same day when their item is sold and rest half+Shipping fee $10 - minus final value fees(2.5%). Rest left over amount will be transferred to their preferred account after 7 days from the date of sale either customer notifies us or not.

Please provide us with the tracking information of shipping to supply to your customer and to be eligible for $10.

8) We provide 7 days money back guarantee to our customers on purchase of product or services for their satisfaction from the business portfolios product listings.

9) Business portfolio holder has to adhere with the same (7 day money back guarantee) if they would like to sell their product in our secured marketplace.

10) If a business would like to change their product listing any time during a 1 year period they will be charged with an amount of $7 per listing for both products.

To change the product listing please visit:

11) If a business by any chance forget to add product during the business portfolio registration they can visit the link below and can request for a free listing. To add product go to....

 12) The price to list your business and have your own business portfolio is only AUD $71 for lifetime.

13) Here you are not getting a column space or a row space but an entire page under your business name.

14) Once you own a business portfolios you will get lot of benefits to upscale your business.

Benefits are mentioned below:

  • 1) Give more exposure to your business.
  • 2) Increase sales.
  • 3) Improve customer experience.
  • 4) Always stay connected and have more people see you when someone visits on our website.
  • 5) Grow your customer base with this product as we only distribute our advertisements to targeted regions.
  • 6) Expand your business.
  • 7) Get great customer reviews.
  • 8) Get yourselves searched instantly through our top of the page search box.

 15) Note for the business portfolio holders, if you are not happy paying 2.5% final value fee.

No need to worry.

You can also sell your product or service directly to your customers when they connect you through your business portfolio page.

If the customer has not bought the product listed on the business page and customer is willing to pay directly there are no issues. 

In that case we will not be charging you any kind of fees or 2.5% final value fee, but off course you have to pay AUD $71 in order to get your business registered for lifetime and get connected to your customers.

You will be liable to deal with customers complaint directly and resolve their issues and in that case we will not be to involved in any kind of order fulfillment, customer satisfaction or resolving issues and complaints.

16) Once your business is listed and you would like to cancel the subscription within 15 days there is a $10 maintenance and page build up fees, left over amount will be transferred to your account.