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Please read the requirements of placing Ad on our website.

We at CAGE TECH ENTERPRISES completely understands how much business means to an individual when they want to make some money and be successful. Here on our website you can advertise your business at fair costs and see your business grow. Our basic target is to get there and spread a word out for our Advertisers in the local community and regions around it. It will not only increase Sales but local people can have benefits from their local business and can help them grow.

Requirements of placing the ad on our website, please read below.

1) You should have your business registered with ASIC (Australian securities and Investments Commission to maintain the standards of Australian rules and regulations.

2) You should have a physical address where you can receive the documentations or any invoices related to your purchase.

3) Once you make the purchase, you can send us the detail information about your ad along with a background image to be included or just a background color.

4) All ads are accepted excluding any which includes Adultery,Copyright infringement or any which can harm the reputation of the business or the law.

5) Once your ad is approved it will be shown on every page of our website for a month.  

Products are listed below.


 1) Front page (Bottom of the page Ad)

Size: Leader board – 428 x 60

To view product, please go to link below:

Once you purchase this item please follow the link below to get the approval for Front page Ad.