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4 Ways to diversify your website content.

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4 Ways to diversify your website content.
It’s Not Just Articles: 4 Ways to Diversify Your Website’s Content

Whether you’ve established a readership and want to keep them hooked and coming back, or you’re a relatively new site trying to find a following among the denizens of the Web, diversifying your content is a good idea. People respond more to media when it takes multiple forms. That means expanding the range of things you post, but it doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning the niche you’re marketing to. Instead, you can find new ways of presenting the things you want to focus on. Here are five ways to diversify your content.

1. Try Out A Podcast

Not only are podcasts one of the fastest-growing and most popular forms of new Internet media, the barriers to entry are remarkably low. All you need is a recorder (many are under $200), some microphones, and basic editing software (Audacity is more than adequate for most podcasts and is free to use). Figure out a format for your show, identify a couple people you could have on as guests, and promote it through social media. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to give new podcasts a shot, especially since they can listen while doing other things, which isn’t really the case with written content.

2. Incorporate Infographics

Infographics are attractive, colorful arrangements of information and data that catch the eye and deliver facts in an easily digestible way, in contrast to the tedium of poring through long paragraphs. They’re not easy to make unless you’ve got a graphic design background, but if you can find someone who’s a design wiz, they can probably knock out a good infographic in an afternoon. Find topics that your readers will be interested in, and that will make the graphic likely to be posted elsewhere.

3. Create Original Video Content

Like infographics, videos are often reposted from site to site. Posting videos you find on YouTube is one thing, but producing your own and hosting it on your site, incentivizing other sites to link there, is a much more beneficial thing for your traffic. Video has become the most popular attraction on Facebook, and it’s accounting for more and more of Twitter as well, so if your goal is to increase social media engagement, video is the ticket. You can produce videos very cheaply using a phone or webcam, and editing them is a snap.

4. Experiment with Different Types of Written Content

If your site has fallen into a rut of posting the same type of blogs with the same format every week, or worse, started recycling or “spinning” articles in hopes of generating fresh clicks, switching up the type of written content you produce can break you out of the pattern. For example, if your site churns out listicles, try writing or commissioning a long-form piece that explores a topic in depth. Not only will this attract a different kind of reader, but it also keeps visitors on site for longer, and long-form content that authoritatively covers a subject is great for SEO.

Don’t get stuck pushing the same tired content every week! Diversifying your content is as easy as picking one or two of the ideas above and seeing where they lead.

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